Friday, 20 April 2012

Another bit done


Only a little bit to report today,but as always I need the practice so I will do my best.Chyandour is coming along nicely,(going to have to remind the lads at Kingfisher,who are fitting her out,how her name is spelt though).They are very kindly posting pictures of her progress on their build blog so I then pinch the photo’s and put them on here.Unfortunately we aren’t able to get to see her as often as we would like at the moment,to take our own photo’s,but that is something we are working on.While we are at Trent Lock we do keep John and Mick away from their work anyway,so it’s probably for the best we are far away.They make a nice cup of tea though.

                                        Chyandour 20.04.12 one

Above is John fitting her floor so that next week the sprayfoam insulation can be done and her engine can be fitted.That’s about it for today I’m afraid,but I will have a bit more for next week ‘cos we will be down to see her to take loads of photo’s.Fingers crossed that this comes out how I would like.The last post was ok when I previewed it but when I posted it the photo’s moved.

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  1. Fred & Lisa
    Good to meet you today and welcome to the "Kingfisher Narrowboat Club". Look forward to reading about your progress and meeting up (if we ever get away from here!)
    Roger and Pat Filler