Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Not a job I would want.


As the title says,here is a job that I wouldn’t want.We went down to Trent Lock on Friday to see how Chyandour is coming along and,as you can see from the photo’s below,she is coming along nicely.John and Mick have been busy fitting the battens and then taping them ready for the Sprayfoam.That brings us to the reason for the title.The guy doing the spraying has done a lovely job but the conditions he has to work in are something else.He has to wear a full face mask with an air supply and after a while he starts to suffer from “snow blindness” as a result of looking at the white Sprayfoam on the sides and the roof.Fortunately,Friday was a cool,wet,miserable day,so he didn’t have to work in an the “oven” that un unlined steel tube could become on a nice day.He applied the foam to Johns requirements and then,with his dad,he trimmed the excess,removed the tape and cleaned up.Chyandour is now ready for the next step.I have to say that,so far,I am more than impressed.


The two photo’s above are of the Sprayfoamer (do you think that’s a job title? I don’t know his name and I had to call him something) hard at work and then in discussion with John.

Chyandour beforeChyandour after

Above are of Chyandour prepped ready for the Sprayfoam on the left and after she had been Sprayfoamed and cleaned up on the right.

After we had had a good look over Chyandour being insulated we were introduced to the couple who have “Cats Whiskers”,the last boat to be fitted out by John and Mick.It was a pleasure to meet Pat and Rodger and to see how they are getting on in their new “home” a semi trad with reverse layout.Sadly the weather had restricted them a bit but they were looking forward to it improving so they could get off on their travels.Hope they have now got away and are cruising up the T&M.

We also had a good chat to John and Mick about various bits  and pieces,nothing of any concern,I should add,other than,that is,the correct spelling of Chyandour.

Thats all for now,I’m afraid,the next update will be after we get some new photo’s from the lads at Kingfisher.

Fingers crossed that the photo’s I’ve posted stay in the position I’ve put them.


  1. Hi Fred, Rob Conroy here....My wife (Suzie) and I have got the build slot after yours so it is great to see your boat take shape and knowing that as soon as yours is complete we are next on the list.
    We are coming up to Nottingham to see John and Mick on Friday morning so will have a good look at Chyandour.
    Would be great to meet up at some stage?
    Take care and see you soon.
    Rob and Suzie

  2. Hi,Rob & Suzie,
    Thanks for the kind words,Chyandour is looking good.We wish you well with your boat.John & Mick will do you a boat to be proud of.Hope we do get to meet up,it will be great to meet another member of the (unofficial)Kingfisher Owners Club.The other members are really nice folks.

  3. Hi Fred, Spent last Friday morning with Mick and John just to iron out some more details.....I think we are nearly there now! We want to get this right as we plan to live on it for the next 10 years (at least).
    Spent the afternoon on The Cats Whiskers with Roger and Pat and that made us so enveous as we had to get back home for me to go to work. Even though Roger and Pat were stuck due to flooding we would still have swapped places!!
    A little bird tells us (Roger actually) that you are moving to Bournemouth for the next month or so, well we live in The New Forest so would be great if we can meet up at some point in the near future. Ask John for our email address and get in touch.
    Take care
    Rob and Suzie