Monday, 2 April 2012

Just an update.

This is just a little update on Chyandour to give me a bit of experience in writing a blog.Still learning you see,so i need all the practice I can get,specially putting pictures where and how I would like them.Windows Writer makes it easier ‘cos I can edit or save the draft a lot better,I do like to mess about with things till I get them right,O.C.D.says Lisa.
Anyway,back to boats.John and Mick at Kingfisher have finished the boat they have been working on.They’ve handed Cats Whiskers over to her proud owners a couple of days early so Mick has kindly let us know that they will be starting the ballasting of Chyandour in the next few days.Lisa and I have spent some time browsing tinternet for ideas and prices of various bits and pieces.How did we manage before this wonderful invention?
The fabulous weather we have all had over the last week has us wishing we had our boat now instead of October,but it will be worth the wait,I know.Keep hoping that all boaters out there are going to have enough water this year as well.
Right,let’s have a go at some more photo’s.These are just a few of the hundreds we’ve taken,but I really do need the practice at inserting them in the blog.                                                       
Leaving the lock,2006The Britannia (2) 2006
These two were taken on the Rhine in 2006,on the left is the Abel Tasman preparing to leave the lock after us and on the right is Britannia,the boat we were on,a slightly larger narrowboat that cruised up and down the Rhine.
The couple above are of Snowmane from Chas Hardern in April 2008,another family holiday,this time on the Llangollen.On the left,going over the Pontcysyllte Aquaduct and moored in the basin at Llangollen on the right.
A couple we took in August 2008 on Canaltimes Coneleys Thunderdome,I think that was the name,where do they get them from I wonder.Above left is Hawkesbury Junction and on the right we are on the Ashby.This was a holiday we had with family,two weeks on the Ashby,the Coventry and the Trent & Mersey.
P1000751 P1000794
The above four were taken in November 2008 on Summer Wine from Norbury.Top left is at the Black Country Museum,thats us on the left,a great place to visit and moor.Top right is Autherley Stop Lock,bottom left is Stretton Aquaduct and bottom right is the Double Culvert bridge 40 on the Shroppie,fascinating bridge,the telegraph pole no longer has wires on it.
The above photo’s,and the last ones for now,were taken by Lisa as Chyandour was put into the water at the Sheetstores Basin on the Erewash.Thats Mick on the stern checking everything is ok.

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