Saturday, 7 April 2012

A bit more done


We hope everyone had a good Easter,I worked,but then,someone has to do it.We got a few pictures from Mick at Kingfisher Narrowboats before the holiday so I thought I would do another short update.Chyandour looks even better with the windows fitted and a holding coat on the cabin.The Epoxy two pack blacking has been finished and she’s looking a treat,it’s hard to imagine that three months ago she was just a piece of steel plate.John and Mick have done the ballast as well so she will be sitting lower in the water now.

Right,here are a few pictures of Chyandours build since January.


The two above are a couple of the first steps in Chyandours build at XR&D.

Chyandour 8100_1613

                                   The bow and stern take shape.

Chyandour 02.03.12 7Chyandour 09.03.12 2

She’s outside now and in the photo’ on the left she’s being shotblasted ready for the Epoxy two pack,to protect her hull.


On the truck at the Sheetstores Basin and being escorted by John to the slipway ready for launching.

                                                                     Chyandour 05.04.12 oneChyandour 05.04.12 two    

                             Chyandour 05.04.12 three.

The top two are of Chyandour in her holding coat and the bottom one is her ballast.Looking good.

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