Friday, 18 May 2012

The fit out begins.


We went round to Kingfishers on Wednesday this week after dropping off a load of belongings into self storage in Long Eaton.Lisa has worked wonders over the last few weeks sorting through things and packing things.She’s sold off pretty much all off everything that we will no longer need when we get aboard Chyandour.We haven’t had a telly for a week now,and I could get used to it,but we are going to get a smaller,LED telly for when we get afloat,’cos,Lisa,aka SWMBO,insists. What couldn’t be sold and was no longer of any use we have skipped or given away and the paperwork has taken about three days to shred.Isn’t it amazing just how much paperwork we keep,just in case.We are hoping that the long awaited paperless society will suddenly arrive and we can get by with just a laptop.So everyone,if you want to get in touch,then email us,thankyou.

Ok,back to Chyandour.I have to admit that I don’t want to leave when we are with her but Lisa says we are holding Mick and John up so she drags me away,kicking and screaming.Things are coming along nicely now,her lining is being fitted and it’s getting easier to visualise where things will be.Mick showed us where the bulkheads will be between the compartments,so we could se where the bathroom,the galley and the lounge will be.We haven’t really changed things much from our original ideas,occasionally we have looked at changing something but after a bit of discussion with John & Mick we have mostly gone back to plan A.They are more than accommodating with our ideas but we have always felt that others can see things that we ourselves don’t always see,we’ve fitted bathrooms and kitchens but never built a boat.From what we’ve seen,John and Mick have a rough idea of what they are doing,so it’s probably for the best we let them carry on.

We set off early on Wednesday,about five in fact,and when we had got fifty odd miles away,almost to Glasgow, I remembered that we had forgotten the cameras.Fortunately,we have camera phones but they don’t always take a good picture,but we managed to get a few presentable ones so that I could update the blog.Pictures are ok but I like to touch,she is a real thing under my fingers which no photograph can ever convey.

   026            032 

The photo’ on the left is Chyandour as we approached on Wednesday,the steelwork,just outside,is going to support the floor above the engine in the back cabin.The photo’ on the right will be the view we will have when we first sail her away from Kingfishers.There will be a few bits and pieces on the roof by then though.

      029                     031

The one on the left is of the engine,a Beta 38.It’s a marinised Kubota engine,keel cooled with twin alternators.Mick has his foot on one of the pieces of steelwork that was outside on the first picture.The one to the right is the inside of Chyandour from the stern,some of the wiring is being installed and some of the lining is fitted.


Inside again,this time from the bows,the boards for the lining are waiting to be fitted.

Well that’s all for this blog I’m afraid.We are away tomorrow for a relaxing week on the Llangollen Canal.We’ve hired from  it will be nice to get away from the stress of packing and moving.

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  1. WoW, how quick is that? She is looking good, you must be so excited! Following with great interest. Have a lovely holiday.