Monday, 17 August 2015


Hi all,
This week we are moored on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal in Skipton, a Market Town in North Yorkshire about forty miles from York,the County Town. We got here before lunchtime today having spent a whole week cruising just over twenty miles from where we were last week, North of Burnley.
The view from our mooring above Oliver Ings Bridge 135 North of Reedley Marina where we spent three nights.The sun had just broken through shortly before it set.
The four of us having desert after the barbie.
We left our mooring near Reedley Marina on the L&L last Thursday morning after enjoying a relaxing few days there and our first BBQs of the year. The sun wasn't shining when we lit our first one on Tuesday, but we decided that we couldn't wait any longer for a good sunny day so we went ahead with one anyway, much to the amusement of a number of people walking by on the towpath. On Wednesday night after our second BBQ, also without much sun, we waited up to watch the Perseids flying overhead at eleven o'clock. These are pieces of the comet Swift-Tuttle which burn up as they enter the earths atmosphere at this time every year  The news programs promised us a spectacular show but unfortunately, there was a lot of light pollution at the mooring and we only got to see a handful, plus three satellites and the ISS though, so it was worthwhile.
Suzie and Lisa working us up the Barrowford Locks. The CRT volunteers were up ahead prepping the next lock. As you can see it was glorious sunshine,just after we got to the top the cloud came over in readiness for the rain later.
On Thursday afternoon we moored on the Visitor Moorings above Barrowford Locks which have lovely views over the surrounding countryside being on the summit level of the L&L. Lisa and Suzie had a surprise and some much appreciated assistance as we got to the bottom of the flight of seven locks. A couple of CRT volunteers, who had assisted a boat down the flight, were only too happy to help us up. The much forecast heavy rain arrived on Thursday night and persisted through Friday so we stayed where we were till Saturday morning when we made an early start for our next stop which was East Marton and the Double Arched Bridge, some eight and a half miles further East. On our way we had to travel through the mile long Foulridge Tunnel which has traffic lights at each end to indicate when to enter. It's a wide tunnel and you can see the other end as you get into it and it took us just seventeen minutes to get through which isn't too bad. Then we came to the three Greenberfield Locks which drop the canal thirty feet down from the summit level through even more lovely countryside.
Waiting at the South Portal of Foulridge Tunnel. At dead on the half hour the lights changed and away we went.

The view from the Bottom Lock of the three Greenberfield Locks. The Changeline Bridge, where the towpath changes sides, in the distance, giving an idea of how the canal meanders.
Just a sample of the superb views along the Leeds and Liverpool as it crosses the Pennines.
Rob at the helm of Swamp Frogs,as you can see by his coat it was a nice day but cold.
Approaching the Double Arched Bridge at East Marton. Was the top arch added when the road above was altered or is the lower arch bracing the structure ?
 Yesterday we only had the short distance of four miles to cover as we made our way to Gargrave, a large village also in North Yorkshire and some five miles from here in Skipton.After leaving East Marton we cruised some of the most beautiful countryside anywhere on the canal network as the L&L weaves this way and that over the Pennines. At times it seemed we were heading back the way we came as the canal heads East then West then back again within a mile as it follows the contour. We also had the six Bank Newton Locks to pass through, where once again we had CRT volunteers to help us, and then three of the Gargrave Locks, before we found a spot on Gargrave Visitor Moorings.
Well that's the lot again for this week folks.Since last weeks blog we have worked through 22 Locks and cruised 22 Miles. That gives us a grand Total of 1,262 Locks and 2,167 Miles since we set off on our travels back in October 2012. Take care everyone.

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