Monday, 25 May 2015

Still on the Bridgewater

Hi all,
Yes,as the title says,we're still on the Leigh Branch of the Bridgewater Canal in Greater Manchester,or,if you prefer,in Lancashire.We had hoped to set off today for pastures new but a few things have delayed us a bit.Lisa's new glasses,that we ordered over a week ago,had to be picked up this morning,she needs them having not had a new pair for a couple of years.On Saturday we hired a car from Enterprise to go over to Market Drayton for a get together with friends and family and,as it's a Bank Holiday,we can't take the car back till tomorrow,we've made good use the extra day's hire though,and got some of the bulkier shopping done at the big Asda in Leigh.Over the last week we haven't been idle,the short spells of fine weather that we've enjoyed have been put to good use,we've got Chyandour tidied up and washed and I've put some fresh paint on her Gunwales.I will be a bit paranoid for a day or two now as I try to avoid scratching the new paint,it's inevitable that it will get scratched despite our best efforts but the first scratch always gives me a feeling of disappointment.I've managed to repair our chimney that had all but died as a result of the wet weather and the corrosive chemicals in the smoke,it should last another winter or at least give us time to source a replacement.
We haven't done much traveling this week,just a couple of short trips.Tuesday we went West from Astley for three miles to Leigh and then Friday,Eastwards for five miles from Leigh to Bridgewater Marina,where we moored overnight Saturday while we went to Market Drayton.The marina at Boothstown is a great little haven and they were more than happy to accommodate us even though they have very little spare room.A bit of shuffling about and we were moored and hooked up to electric ready for Enterprise to pick us up.The marina is only small but it's clean and tidy,the owners are very friendly and helpful and next door is a pub called The Moorings,that does cheap meals,we've been told they are good but we haven't tried them ourselves.The marina is in what was Boothstown Basin which was used by collieries in the area for loading coal onto barges.There was a Tramway and also an underground canal called The Chaddock Level which was also used for moving coal to the basin.
Looking Westwards from the stern of Chyandour along the moorings in Leigh on The L&L Leigh Branch.We thought these moorings were fine except on Friday and Saturday nights.The town centre is only a few minutes walk and there's an Aldi right next to where we are moored.
Our mooring at the moment with The Moorings pub and Bridgewater Marina in the background.We're ready to move now but we'll not be leaving till the morning.Might just try a pint in the pub in a bit.
 That's all again for this week folks.Since our last blog we have done no Locks and only 8 Miles,that gives us a Grand Total of 1,154 Locks and 1,855 Miles since we set off in October 2012.Take care everyone.

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