Monday, 13 April 2015

Bugsworth Basin.

Hi All,
I've been singing the praises of Bugsworth Basin in the last couple of blogs as we've tried to bring our journey up to date so here is a bit of a description and a few pic's.We've been here a week now as we've recuperated from the nasty little infection we caught in the last few days of our stay in Corralejo and we're both much better now thank you.Being on a boat here in Bugsworth is good 'cos,as I've said before,just about everything we need is here,there's all the boat services,there's shops and there's a pub.First of all though I want to mention Brian and Anne Marie on Coalboat Alton.Who are they you may ask?Well,they're probably the hardest working couple I've ever met.Yesterday while we were experiencing some of the more unpleasant weather that the UK can provide,it was windy and it was lashing down,into the basin came the pair of them,on their boat,delivering coal,gas & diesel to all us boaters who decide not to bother moving when the weather isn't so good.They work as much as 15 hours a day in all weathers,when the canal is frozen or there's a stoppage they deliver by van,when water levels are down they drag,push or pole their boat past the obstruction.They're so reliable it's unbelievable,they're like clockwork.I want to buy something from them even when we don't need it just to say thank you for all the effort they put into looking after the rest of us.
Coalboat Alton outside Lyme View Marina on the Macclesfield canal while we were in Corralejo.I borrowed this picture from Brian's Facebook page,I hope he wont mind.

That's Chyandour,moored between The Wide and the Lower Basin Arm at Bugsworth.
The basin here is the South East terminus of the Peak Forest canal which was first completed to Marple in 1800 and then in 1804 the Upper Peak Forest was opened when the 16 Locks at Marple were finished.After that it was possible get by boat from here to the Ashton Canal at Dukinfield Junction near Ashton Under Lyne and then from there down into Manchester and the rest of the UK.Tramways brought Limestone and Gritstone ( a hard Sandstone used in building ) six and a half miles down to the basin from the quarries at Doveholes where it was either loaded into boats for the journey to the rest of the UK,or,in the case of some of the Limestone,into Lime Kilns where it was heated and turned into Quicklime.Lime being a major ingredient in a lot of building materials as well as being used for agriculture and in the chemical industry.
On the centre right of the pic there is what's left of the Gnat Hole ( West )  Limekilns,they collapsed before the beginning of the 20th Century and were never repaired.The arch to the left goes over the Middle Basin Arm where there were 11 Limekilns,8 New Road and 3 Navigation,and a Lime shed for storage
 There were as many as 19 Limekilns around Bugsworth Basin,some before the canal was built,most have gone,just bits of Gnat Hole East and West and a little bit of New Road Kilns are left.The original Navigation Kilns are no more.
Gnat Hole ( East ) Limekilns on the Middle Basin

The Lower Basin with it's usual collection of boats.We find this basin to be a bit noisy from the Black Brook that runs alongside over some weirs.The tv signal and internet aren't that good either.
Our Neighbour across the way,she's been on there for nearly a week but we haven't been able to see if she has any eggs yet.
I very nearly posted this blog with one serious omission.As far as I can recall I've never posted a blog without some mention of a pub and I nearly forgot to add the bit about The Navigation here in Bugsworth.
Last Thursday morning while we were pottering about,two faces appeared outside Chyandour,they were the faces of Richard and Sharron off NB Oakapple who we hadn't seen since Hack Green on the Shroppie last October.Well,we decided to meet up later in the Navigation to catch up and as the evening wore on,there was a quiz,totaly unexpected.Anyway,accompanied by another round of drinks we entered the quiz and much to our surprise,we came second,hows that then?I will add that there were more than two teams for any doubting Thomas's.A good night was had by us all and we waved Richard and Sharron off on their travels the next morning.
 Well,that's me just about blogged out now.Three blogs in three days and I'm running out of ideas so I'll post this and call it a day till next week.We haven't moved since our last Grand Total so there is nothing to add to that.Take care everyone.

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