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Our blog this week comes to you from the Visitor Moorings at Wolverley,which is about 2 miles North of Kidderminster on The Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal.We got here yesterday afternoon,having left Stourport Basin earlier in the day,on our way to our next port of call,Stourbridge.We spent all of last week in the basin at Stourport having a great time visiting parts of the local area and getting a visit,on Thursday,from our eldest Daughter and our lovely Grandchildren.

Kidderminster & Bewdley 2014 015  Kidderminster & Bewdley 2014 021

Last Wednesday Lisa and I took a walk along the Severn Way footpath from Stourport to Bewdley and here’s a pic’ of the end of the navigable River Severn.It doesn’t look any different from other stretches of the river but this is as far as you can get in a narrowboat I believe.I shan’t be trying it.Bewdley bridge over the Severn,designed by Thomas Telford and built in 1798.We had a good day in Bewdley,it’s a beautiful place and the Town Museum is a must see for any visitor.

Stourport 2014 014  Stourport 2014 028

The day our visitors arrived was spent enjoying the Playland Fun Park and Treasure island in Stourport.There’s loads of things for kids to do and they’re not too expensive either.

Stourport 2014 035  Stourport 2014 048Stourport 2014 067  Stourport 2014 083

Friday was the highlight of our stay in Southport when we went on the Severn Valley Railway from Kidderminster to Bridgnorth.

SVR 2014 018  SVR 2014 023

Arriving in Highley and some of the exhibits in the Engine House Visitor Centre there.

SVR 2014 027  Lisa's SVR 2014 034

The inside of the Royal Mail carriage that was robbed in August 1963 in The Great Train Robbery.Me on the footplate of the ex GWR 7325,built at Swindon in 1932.

SVR 2014 054  SVR 2014 055

Bridgnorth Station on the SVR.It was chucking it down but shortly afterwards the rain stopped and we were able to walk into Bridgnorth itself.

SVR 2014 059  SVR 2014 071

Looking up to the top of the Bridgnorth Cliff Railway.It’s the oldest and steepest inland Funicular Railway,opened in 1892 to carry people up the 111 foot incline from Low Town to High Town in Bridgnorth.The view from the top over looking Low Town and the River Severn.

SVR 2014 084  SVR 2014 115

A couple of locomotives that were running on the SVR on Friday.

Kidderminster & Bewdley 2014 033  Kidderminster & Bewdley 2014 034

Falling Sands Bridge and the Viaduct that carries the SVR over the Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal as we cruised yesterday.We saw the train crossing the viaduct but as we searched for the camera it passed.The beautiful setting of Cadwell Lock on the S&W.It was quite busy on the journey up here yesterday with boats going up as well as down and we had a bit of a hold up at Falling Sands Lock when something was jammed under the top gate.There was almost as much water coming into the lock,under the gate,as was leaving through the bottom paddles as we tried to empty the lock.We got it sorted once the lock was refilled,a quick poke around with a boat pole shifted whatever the obstruction was and all was well again.

Well,that’s all again for this week folks.We haven’t done a lot since last week,just 5 Locks and 6 Miles,all of which we did yesterday.That gives us a Grand Total of 910 Locks and 1492 Miles since October 2012.Take care everyone.

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