Monday, 7 July 2014

Stratford River Festival.


This week we are moored on the Upper River Avon about half a mile to the South of the town of Stratford on Avon and we’ve been here since last Wednesday.On Tuesday morning we moved down the South Stratford canal,travelling about a mile and a half and sailing through five locks,helped by the volunteers from CRT who were there to assist boats heading to the festival.Our mooring on Tuesday was just short of Bancroft Basin ‘cos I’d guessed that the moorings in there would be busy and I was right,so we moored right outside the Red Lion where they serve quite a drinkable Old Hooky.The next day we were called to go down onto the river,travelling through the one lock, turning downstream to wind before Colin P Witter Lock,then from there we were shepherded into our mooring on the East bank of the river.

We’ve had an exceptional weekend,making lots more friends as well as enjoying the company of some old ones.Our old friend Janice came for the weekend and stayed over and the three of us had a great time.The Festival was very busy both Saturday and Sunday with all the stalls and exhibits attracting a lot of interest and the weather was kind to us when it mattered.We managed to visit one or two of the local hostelries as well so all in all we wouldn’t complain at all.

Stratford 2014 004  Stratford 2014 005

The River Avon at Stratford with Tramway Bridge in the middle of the picture,the exit from Bancroft Basin is behind the hut on the left.River lock that takes you down from the basin and onto the river.That’s not us,we went to have a look round when we first arrived and this is one of the trip boats that take tourists for a short cruise.

Stratford 2014 016  Stratford 2014 017

On the river,that’s the old Chain Ferry that carries foot passengers from one side to the other for 50p each.Heading towards our mooring with the spire of Holy Trinity Church in the distance,that’s where William Shakespeare is buried.

Stratford 2014 022  Stratford 2014 023

The entrance to Colin P.Witter lock,our mooring was to be just behind the bows of the boat on the left and there we are,almost ready, with most of our bunting out for the Festival.A lot of our bunting has been made by Lisa using the old hand operated Singer sewing machine we bought at the auction last year while on the Shroppie.

Stratford 2014 034  Stratford 2014 036

Our “Raft” as this way of mooring is called.We were told that over 200 boats would be attending and it seemed like they were right.There’s Chyandour from the front.

Stratford 2014 048  Stratford 2014 065

More boats decorated ready for the weekend.Sadly,non of the pictures that I took of the illuminated boat parade or the fireworks display are very good so I can’t include them.Both the parade and the fireworks were very good though,a lot of effort went into the illuminated boats resulting in an excellent spectacle.Indeed an awful lot of effort has gone into the whole festival to give everyone who attended an entertaining weekend so thank you to everyone concerned.

Well that’s all for this week folks.Since last week we have done 6 Locks and 2 Miles,giving us a Grand Total of 853 Locks and 1398 Miles since we set off in October 2012,Take care everyone.

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  1. Errr ... less of the "old" Fred please - I'm a babe compared to you !!! Yes, I had a great time too - thanks x