Monday, 26 May 2014

Kidlington Green.


This week we are moored in the middle of nowhere,about four and a half miles North of Oxford at what the Lock sign says is Kidlington Green.We haven’t had a look round the area because one of the locals said there were no pubs here when they asked why we were stopping.Having no pub is about as far from civilisation as it’s possible to get,in this day and age,and from the locals question I got the feeling that they think we only moor near pubs.Whatever gives them that idea? Today hasn’t been a good day for going anywhere anyway ‘cos it’s done nothing but rain since the early hours,well that’s what I’ve been told by Lisa who knows such things.Me,I tend to sleep rather soundly and it would probably need a rather substantial Thunderstorm to attract my attention.We got here yesterday in glorious sunshine so I took the opportunity to give Chyandour a bit of a wash down to get rid of some of the grime we collected in Oxford,the roof was getting a bit untidy too,so that got sorted while I was at it.

After last weeks Blog we had one more night on the River Thames,stopping at Bablock Hythe which is described in Wikipedia as a hamlet,five miles West of Oxford where an important vehicular ferry had crossed the Thames since 1279.The reason we stopped there was because there were good moorings and a pub called The Ferryman.Unfortunately,unbeknown to us,the pub is closed on a Tuesday.Not to be outdone,the four of us,Lisa,Myself,Rob and Suzie,set off like the intrepid explorers we would like to be,to The Red Lion at Northmoor,just over a mile away.We sat outside in the garden where we enjoyed a pint or two and the company of an old Pig farmer who lived in the village.Apparently his claim to fame was that he was the only known elected village idiot with a trophy to show for it,something he was quite proud of.

Wednesday was our last day on the Thames and we cruised the nine miles or so from Bablock Hythe back to Oxford.I have to be honest,I was sorry to be leaving the Thames,we’d all had a fabulous time on it,helped of course by the excellent weather,and I am now looking forward to doing it again in the future.

Thames 3 2014 002  Thames 3 2014 004

As you can see,the Thames was really hard work,it was like this every day.The Lock Cottage at Rushey Lock,all the Thames Lock Cottages we saw were different.

Thames 3 2014 015  Thames 4 2014 003

Lisa at the Helm as we headed back to Oxford and Yours Truly not quite hiding behind the BBQ,message to self,you must find a better place to keep it.

Our plan was to have another few days in Oxford,getting to see a couple of places we had missed last time and stocking up on the essentials ready for our departure yesterday.Saturday was the highlight of our stay in Oxford,in spite of the heavy rain showers,which by and large we managed to dodge.Beatrice,our latest Granddaughter,brought her Mum and Dad to see us for the day and her dad,who’d been a Student in Oxford,was able to give us a bit of a guided tour.He took us to see some of his old College,Worcester,which is right alongside the canal just before it’s current terminus.We got to see the two pubs that both claim to be the oldest in Oxford,The Bear and the Turf Tavern but we settled instead for The Lamb & Flag and The Head of the River.I liked the Lamb & Flag but though the Head of the River had good outside seating by the side of the Thames,it was a tad expensive.Everyone but myself had a Pimms but even the beer was over £4 a pint.We had a look around Christ Church College as well before our final destination The Old Bookbinders in Jericho.Unfortunately we didn’t find this pub until a couple of days ago and it proved to be the best of them all.It’s owned by a Frenchman and his son and the food is excellent,if you like Snails and Mussels that is,and I do.There are other items on the menu and when we go back to Oxford I shall get in there at the first opportunity to sample some more.

Thames 4 2014 006  Thames 4 2014 012

Part of Worcester College and looking towards the college from the college Boating Lake.

Thames 4 2014 014  Thames 4 2014 017

Inside part of the Bodleian Library and the Quad at Christ Church College.

Thames 4 2014 022  Thames 4 2014 030

Recognise this anyone? It’s the dining room in Christ Church,it was used in the making of the Harry Potter movies.

Thames 4 2014 024  Thames 4 2014 038

Lisa in front of the Top Table and pushing Beatrice with her Mum and Dad.

Well,that’s all again for this week folks.Since last week we have done 10 Locks and 25 Miles.That gives us a Grand Total of 734 Locks and 1318 Miles since we set off back in October 2012.Take care everyone.

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