Monday, 30 December 2013



Just a short blog this week I’m afraid ‘cos we haven’t done much since last Monday,other than enjoy ourselves that is,and we have only done a little bit of cruising,mainly on bits that we have cruised before.On Tuesday we moved from the mooring in Birmingham and,after filling up with water etc.,we headed up the New Mainline to Albion Junction where it connects to the Gower Branch. The Gower Branch links the New and Old Mainlines at Bradeshall Junction after it ascends the three Brades Locks. Albion Junction is a nice quiet place to moor and we didn’t see another boat until a couple of hours before we set off back to Birmingham on Friday.Christmas was great with just ourselves and Andy and Di off NB. Fenakapan,we had plenty of food and drink as you would expect and just chilled for a couple of days.

On Friday afternoon we left Albion Junction to get back to Brum. where Lisa and I had a train to catch on Saturday to go and visit our Daughters and Grandchildren with their Christmas presents.Sunday had us cruising down the Farmers Bridge Flight on the Birmingham & Fazeley Canal and then on to the Digbeth Branch and the moorings next to Aston University.We’re going to stay here till tomorrow and then move on again to somewhere nice and quiet for the New Year.We’re all stocked up again so bring on the celebrations and Lisa and I would like to wish everyone all the very best for 2014.

Farmers Bridge 007 Farmers Bridge 010

The Craven Arms in Birmingham at the back of the Mailbox.A lovely quiet pub with some nice real ales.Chyandour decorated for Christmas.

Farmers Bridge 020 Farmers Bridge 021

On our way to Albion Junction on the BCN New Mainline.The first bridge is Chance’s Bridge,the second Hartley Bridge and in the distance is the M5 and Steward Aqueduct.Some of the remains of Chance’s Glassworks,they had works on both sides of the canal and the two bridges connected the two sides.

Farmers Bridge 037 Farmers Bridge 052

Lisa negotiating some of the locks on the Farmers Bridge flight,she did twelve of the thirteen before giving me a go ‘cos she was so cold.See ladies,it’s not all easy peasy on the Tiller while you’re doing the locks.

Farmers Bridge 058 Farmers Bridge 061

Lock number 12 on the flight with Livery Street bridge after the bottom gate,then the magnificent Snow Hill rail bridge towering over everything else.Looking back up the flight with a picture of what I think is John Smeaton who was the Engineer in charge of building the Birmingham & Fazeley canal and the Farmers Bridge flight of locks.

That’s all for this week folks,since last week we have done 13 Locks and 15 Miles giving us a grand total of 548 Locks and 977 Miles since we left Trent Lock in October 2012.Take care everyone.

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