Monday, 21 October 2013

The little lady has arrived.


Well,as many of you know,the reason for our remaining here,on or close too,the Ashby Canal,since the beginning of September,has been the expected arrival of our new Granddaughter at the beginning of this month.I can now proudly announce that she arrived,after quite a few uncomfortable hours for her mum that is,at 18.00 hrs. on Friday 18th September.Mum,Dad & the little lady are all very well,and Granddad and Granny are over the moon thank you,the little one is adorable.

For the last week we have been moored on the 14 day moorings,just East of Bosworth Wharf,near to the Market Town of Market Bosworth,on the Ashby Canal.We’ve caught the bus,to get to Coalville and Swadlincote,on a couple of days because there are a number of bigger stores and banks in those towns.One of the things we have been trying to get,for our life on the canals,are Bus Passes,and we first applied back in June last year ‘cos we knew we would be without a car once we set off on our travels.Anyway,after a few months our initial application was rejected so I resolved to enquire in person,when we got the chance,in Swadlincote,where our application was processed.I know I shouldn’t count our chickens just yet,but things look a little bit more positive now.Also,in the last few weeks,Lisa and I have joined The Association of Continuous Cruisers,which has been recently formed to provide support for it’s members,and low and behold,one of the first aims is to help to provide assistance for those entitled to a bus pass.

I would like to add that,in my opinion, anyone who feels they could qualify for membership of the ACC,should give the above link a click and take a look.So far I am more than impressed with the associations approach to some of the,should I say unusual situations,experienced by people who enjoy being on their boat for extended periods.There are already a number of things that I wasn’t aware of that could benefit Lisa and I.They also have a Facebook page should anyone wish to access them that way.

Right,back to what else we’ve been up too.Not a lot I have to say,but we have been over to Aldi in Coalville because the number of special offers that Aldi,do that are of use to people on boats,is amazing.This week I got myself a sack truck ‘cos the gas bottles,bags of coal and cassettes don’t seem to be getting any lighter,or could it just be me not getting any younger.Anyway,the truck has got to be handy for Lisa to transport our things along the towpath,instead of carrying them on her shoulders.A bit closer to our home here,near Market Bosworth,is something we always try to patronise wherever we moor,the local Butcher.This one here is as good as any anywhere,the beef,faggots,sausage and the rabbit have all been excellent.We’ve also managed to give Chyandour a good wash while we’ve been here and that just about covers our weeks experiences.Not a dull moment I here you say and you would be correct,life is just brilliant.

Market Bosworth 1 002 Market Bosworth 1 006

A proud Granny and a Proud Granddad with the little one this afternoon.

Market Bosworth 5 007 Market Bosworth 5 011

Just a couple of shots taken today of yours truly as we moored up to go and visit the new arrival.Yes,it rained,but I was well wrapped up and well supplied with big mugs of tea so what more could I want?

Sorry,but that’s all for this week,a bit sparse again I know,but we’re on the move again at the weekend so next week could be better.Since last Monday we have done no Locks and 14 Miles,half of that today,giving us a grand total of 480 Locks and 810 Miles since October 2012.Take care everyone.

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