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This week finds us back in Hinckley,we’ve spent the last week cruising up to the end of the Ashby canal at Snarestone and then back down to here.We’ve covered some familiar territory and moored in places we’ve moored before,so this weeks blog is likely to be a bit thin I’m afraid.I’ve got a few pictures so I’ll do my best with them.We’ve had Lisa’s sister and brother in law stop with us on Saturday night,while we were moored at Market Bosworth,and the rest of the last week we have spent with the crew of Water ratz,John and Sheila.

The highlight of our week was on Saturday when we took a trip on the Battlefield Line on a former British Rail Class 73,electro diesel locomotive,called Stewarts Lane Traction Maintenance Depot.Apparently,this is a large railway servicing depot in Battersea in London,unfortunately,I can’t find out how the engine came by that name.The rest of the week we have spent at Snarestone or Market Bosworth doing odd jobs on Chyandour and generally catching up with the experiences that John and Sheila enjoyed on their four month tour of India.

P1060533 P1060539 

Richard III’s remains,or is it a copy?These are in the grounds of the Dixie Grammar School in Market Bosworth.The Old Workhouse,also in Market Bosworth.In 1881 there were 5 staff and 100 inmates here,the youngest was only 3 years old and 11 were classed as imbeciles,not a term you would hear today .

Snarestone 2 (1) Snarestone 2 (2)

The services at the end of the Ashby Canal at Snarestone,there’s me gathering up John’s hose after filling Chyandour with water.We join hoses together to save having to move up to the waterpoint.Lisa and I as we set off from the end of the canal on Friday morning,this was taken by Sheila.

P1060525 P1060529

Looking down the canal towards the winding hole just before the end of the canal,we’re moored out of sight around the corner to the left.John,Sheila and Lisa with Water Ratz.You can see who does the work.

P1060524 P1060517

A lovely view of the Ashby Canal near Snarestone,Bridge 61 in the background,and one of my many attempts at taking a photo’ while we negotiate a tunnel.This one’s not too bad.

P1060538 P1060537

The Class 73 Diesel Electric Loco’ at the terminus of the Battlefield Line at Shenton and the station at Market Bosworth,not very busy when there are no Steam Trains running.

P1060544 P1060546

There was Steam Train running on Sunday,this one is a Great Western Railway,2884 Class Locomotive,number 3803,built between 1938 and 1942.There’s Chyandour on the visitor moorings at Market Bosworth,the Battlefield Line is just a short walk from there.

Well,that’s all for this week.Since last week we have done 0 Locks and 22 Miles,giving us a grand total of 480 Locks and 735 Miles.Take care everyone.

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