Monday, 15 October 2012

On board our “Home on the Water”.


As the title says we are now in our new home.It’s been almost a year since we started out with the intention of living on a narrowboat and I can now sit at our own table,on board our own boat and write this blog,It’s a great feeling.

This last week has had its ups and downs for us as the day for our handover got closer.Lisa and I had done all we could so it was just a matter of time as we waited for John And Mick to give us the ok,and then the word came that we should get ourselves down to Trent Lock last Thursday.On our arrival we helped get Chyandour out on to the Erewash Canal and after Mick had expertly “winded” her we set off on our first cruise.Not far,because there were a few little bits left to do and though the weather was fine,the forecast for later was for heavy rain,and we didn’t really want to get wet.Our first experience of steering Chyandour was great,she handled very positively and it was a shame we only had an hour,but,our time will come.

The rest of Thursday was spent fitting the curtains and various other bits and pieces,and it was two happy bunnies that left Chyandour at Trent Lock on Thursday night knowing that she would be ours the next day.We got back here on Friday morning with a car load of our belongings from the caravan and,after a few formalities,she was all ours.Since then it’s been somewhat stressful.Trying to put all your things onto a narrowboat is not like moving into a new house.Yes,the basics are the same,after all,a bedroom is a bedroom,a lounge is a lounge and the galley is just another name for a kitchen,but there the similarity ends.We have plenty of storage space on Chyandour,probably more than enough,but working out where to put everything is the problem.You have to decide what you’re likely to need in the short term and what can be put away and not needed “just yet”.Then there’s the weight,you can’t put everything on one side or more of the heavier bits at the front than the back,consideration has to be given to how the boat “sits” on the water,heavy things have to be distributed around the boat so she doesn’t lean to one side.We are getting there,but as I understand it,It could well be weeks rather than days before we “get it right” so to speak.

We are lucky though,because,as we haven’t got to be anywhere anytime soon, we are able to stay here at Trent Lock and get all our things on board at our leisure.The storage facility that we have is not all that far from here and I estimate we have no more than three loads left to bring down but,at our current rate,it could be Wednesday before we have everything here.It’s also surprising how hard it is to remember what was put in which box or suitcase when we packed to leave Perth.It was Saturday evening before we found the cutlery,and,as always,it was in the very last box we had left to open and put away.I recon that we will be away from Kingfishers moorings after next weekend,because,by then everything will be stowed on board,even if it’s not in the best place,and then we can begin our travels.Fortunately there is a good pub here that does reasonably priced food and also a tearoom that has some excellent choices on the menu,again at a reasonable price so I can assure you,there are worse places than Trent lock to be staying at.

Anyway,because we’ve been busy and still have a lot to do,this weeks blog will be a bit short but I am putting on some photo’s of the completed Chyandour so you can see our pride and joy.

Chyandour 12.10.12 024 Chyandour 12.10.12 007

Above left is the bedroom loaded up with some of the things we were fitting on Thursday and on the right some of the couple of hundred curtain rings we had to fit.

Chyandour 15.10.12 001 Chyandour 15.10.12 002

Chyandour 15.10.12 003 Chyandour 15.10.12 008 

The four pictures above are of the lounge as it is today,we have two recliners and a nice cosy fire,it’s been burning non stop since Saturday lunch.Just got to get a few things to put up on the walls now,to give our boat a more homely feeling.

Chyandour 15.10.12 005 Chyandour 15.10.12 006

On the left is the dinette where I am sitting as I write this blog,it’s nice and comfortable and we can see the tv from here too.On the right is the galley,Lisa has it all arranged and if you look closely you can see the dinner in the oven.

Chyandour 15.10.12 009 Chyandour 15.10.12 011

Now we have the bedroom and again Lisa has been hard at work getting it arranged.On the right are the wardrobes and cupboards with the barometer and clock on the wall.This was one of the gifts from Margaret,our next door neighbour when we lived in Perth.We can see what time it is in a morning when we roll over and go back to sleep,no alarm clocks on Chyandour.

Chyandour 15.10.12 012 Chyandour 15.10.12 013

A couple of shots of the back cabin,at the top of the left hand pic’ is another of Margaret’s gifts and on the right are the steps down in to the bedroom.My toolbox with my shoes is only there for the moment,I’m told.

Chyandour 15.10.12 016 Chyandour 15.10.12 020

There are the solar panels to help keep the batteries charged and on the right is our Tiller Pin in place,it’s only going to be there when we are cruising.It could be a bit tempting to some people.We do have another that was a gift for my birthday,just waiting for it to be chrome plated.

                                  Chyandour 15.10.12 015

And there she is,the star of the show,Chyandour “Our Home on the Water”.That’s it for this week I’m afraid,I’ll be back again next week.Take care everyone.


  1. Fred, Lisa.......Friday night we raised a glass to you both (I'm getting there with the real ale Fred) Chyandour does look lovely and we both are very pleased for you. Although we have only met once it will not be long before we meet again and we can sit on the tow path admiring our homes on the water sharing a beer or 3!!
    We will follow your blog with envy knowing our turn is not far away.
    Here's to you Fred and Lisa........ENJOY. x

    Rob and Suzie

  2. Fed & Lisa
    Have you got away yet? Just read your blog and checked out the photos. All looks great. Hope you've got your nic nacks on the top of the bookcase taped down. Can't wait to have a nose round.
    Roger & Pat

  3. Hello Fred & Lisa,
    Another wonderful boat built and fitted out by 'the lads' at Kingfisher. We know Jan and Dai on Jandi ( first boat fitted )Roger and Pat on The Cats Whiskers and now hopefully we will also be able to meet you both. At the moment we are moored above Langley Bridge Lock at Langley Mill and would love for you to take your first cruise up the Erewash for a visit. You could even buy for £5 your first 'end of navigation' plaque. Hope to see you for a meet and greet.
    Irene Nb Freespirit