Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Chopping Board.

Hi All,

This week has again seen us staying close to the caravan and not doing any sightseeing.The weather has been good so sitting outside in the sun has seemed like the best idea,and of course we have had the Olympics to enjoy.Listening to the action on the radio has enabled us to keep up to date with the events and we have been amazed at the performances from all our athletes,they have really done us proud.We did manage to get to see the closing ceremony on television though,and what an amazing spectacle that was.Not the surprises of the opening ceremony,but there were some fantastic special effects and music to enjoy.A lot of people deserve a very big thank you for what they have done over the last two weeks,and over the last seven years since we won the right to stage the Olympics.

We have been down to see Chyandour a couple of times since our last blog.The first time was on Wednesday,after getting an email from John to ask about the position of the solid fuel stove.There have been some new regulations introduced regarding the stoves and,as always with new regulations,there is extra work involved,and John wants to get the stove positioned as close as he can to our requirements.The samples of the material for the soft furnishings had arrived too,so now we can start looking at carpets to match.After we left Trent Lock we nipped over to Willington to see Janice and Dai on their narrowboat Jandai,and after a reasonably priced and well presented lunch in the tearooms in Mercia Marina,we spent a very pleasant afternoon chatting while sitting on the towpath.If you are ever in the area of Mercia Marina at any time the tearoom is well worth the visit.We tend to browse Midland Chandlers shop in the marina while we are there too.On our travels,a couple of weeks ago,we found some 4ft bedding in a shop in Mansfield and we had shown the fitted sheets to Janice,their bed is the same size as ours and 4ft bedding is not easy to get hold of at a reasonable price,she liked,so we went back to the shop and bought up all they had and shared them with Jan and Dai.

On Friday,John from Kingfishers updated their blog so we got to see some pic’s of the weeks endeavours.Things are coming along nicely,some of the shelving and cupboards are installed and the little cutlery drawer and tin cupboard has a nice feature.John has made a detachable top for it that we can use as a chopping board.We also wanted some additional shelving in the galley and we now have a tidy little set of shelves for our mugs etc.

Sunday saw us at Walton on Trent,just a mile or so from the Trent and Mersey canal,where we got the chance to see the closing ceremony.Before we settled down to watch the tv we nipped round to the local hostelry for a few pints of my favourite tipple,Marstons Pedigree,and a roast from the carvery.They have a very nice pub in Walton,called the White Swan,it’s a shame that it isn’t easily reached from the canal.The road has no footpath and is a bit narrow,but there is a new bridge over the River Trent being built so maybe that will improve the access.

We left Walton on Monday morning and after a quick visit to our storage container we went down again to Trent Lock to see Chyandour and to look at Johns handiwork in the flesh,so to speak.Everything is looking good,we took some more pictures of various bits and pieces,had a chat about the progress and the things we require for the future.We now have to order a washing machine and this is not like going into Curry’s,looking at what’s on display and saying “that one please”.Our washing machine is a bit smaller than your average household one and there aren’t many to choose from,the prices can be a bit eye watering too.We have done our research so we know what we want and where we can get it from,now is the time we get to understand the meaning of logistics.We left Trent Lock and made our way firstly to Weston Lock on the Trent and Mersey canal,where Jandai is moored.There we got one of the finest cups of tea I’ve ever tasted and had our usual chat about this and that,and then we made our way back here to the caravan before the rush hour started.

Ok,photo’time.Again,it’s not what you see that’s so different,it’s what you don’t see so enjoy.

Chyandour 10.08.12 (2)  Chyandour 10.08.12 (3)

Here we have the cutlery drawer and tin cupboard,no doors or drawers till nearer the end of the fitting out.The top is detachable and we can use it as a chopping board.

312  310

The place where we will keep our mugs and the tea making ingredients,nothing is more important than this,the captains tea is vital to the efficient handling of the ship,and the peace and wellbeing of the crew.

322  011

That’s me on the left.At the moment the Erewash Canal has a covering of weed at Trent Lock and though it looks like a carpet or a lawn,it can’t be walked on.Believe me when I say that it has been tried.There are two pubs very close to here,one is only opposite where I am on my knees,so you can imagine the scenario.It’s funny stuff,it’s thousands and thousands of tiny plants floating on the water,not bound together like a mat,they are all separate but close together.The picture on the right is Weston Lock on the Trent and Mersey,just along from where Jandai was moored on Monday.You come up this lock when traveling west from Trent Lock and there is a one of the waterpoints I have mentioned in past blogs,just behind me.

Well,that’s all for now,there should be a photo’ or two this Friday on Kingfishers blog and we will be over to see Chyandour next Monday so we could have enough material for a blog next week.Take care.

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